Sulek Announces CD Release Show

Finally. The day has come for us to hand over to the world our 3rd studio album entitled "Birds in the Attic." Our last Milwaukee show was thought to be our last show ever, but alas, we are back not only with another full band show, but with another album. Come see what we've become and what we have created. The show is Feb. 11th at Linneman's River West Inn in Milwaukee, WI. The album will be for sale at the show and will then be unavailbale until it makes it to CdBaby, iTunes, Amazon, etc... There's no telling when that will be, so be sure to make it to the show if you want the album ASAP. To perform with us on this special night we bring you none other than our producer, Justin Heron, and the men responsible for the beautiful packaging of "Birds in the Attic," Ehson Rad with the Pearl Cut Bones. This may be a night to remember, be sure not to miss it. -Sulek