4. Off The Deep End



Trek up the mountains, to get out of town Won’t look back, I won’t fall back down Into the webs of the city, the garbage in the streets With broken down buildings like everyone you meet Cause when the wind comes through this place It steals hopes and dreams and leaves them all to mourn About what could have been and will never be I’m on this journey cause I still believe Gone off the deep end, into the sea Walk the plank, into my dreams Fall from the stars, land on the clouds Frighten the people with your sounds Over the mountains in the new city With hopes of green grass and girls that are pretty Where the birds sing about sidewalk lemonade Where the kids haunt the boogeyman and make him feel afraid But to my surprise, I’d been here before I felt like I’d come back in through the out door And as I shake the bars to my rusty cage I see the world can be a prison can I make the change