Sulek is an indie pop band based out of Milwaukee, WI, whose whimsical music is dense with meaning and rich with elaborate arrangements.  The band consists of the husband and wife duo of Patrick and Ruthie Hoctor, along with Chris Winberg.  The band plays acoustic guitar, electric guitar, cello, piano, keyboards, bass, and drums. Sulek came to prominence in 2007 when their early recordings were used for the soundtracks to many short animations created by BarfQuestion Films.  Since then they have continued to gain momentum with four studio albums: Songs from the Doctor’s Office  (2008), Believer’s Lane  (2009), Birds in the Attic  (2011), and Unbound at Last  (set to be released on July 20th, 2012).  

Since its formation in 2005, Sulek has always done what felt natural.  The founding members of the band were essentially a group of good friends who taught themselves how to play all of their own instruments simply because they enjoyed making music together.  After a couple years of playing shows and writing original music, they began making recordings on a four track recorder, just for the fun of listening back to their own music.  It was these recordings that gained the interest of BarfQuestion Films, who used the songs as soundtracks to many short animations released to a large internet fan base.  Because of this animated lucky break, Sulek suddenly found themselves with fans, fans who wanted more.

Songs from the Doctor’s Office  (2008) and Believer’s Lane  (2009)
These early, self produced recordings were compiled together and became Songs from the Doctor’s Office in 2008.  Sulek quickly produced another record, similar but more composed than the first, called Believer’s Lane, in 2009.  It was after this record that two of the original member left the band to travel abroad.

Bird’s in the Attic  (2011)
The three remaining members, Patrick Hoctor, Ruthie Hoctor, and Chris Winberg, decided to take things up a notch for their next album, so they hired producer Justin Heron to help them out.  With Chris and Ruthie writing lyrics and Patrick writing and arranging the music, they set up a studio in an old attic and emerged months later with their third studio album, Birds in the Attic, in 2011.

Unbound at Last  (2012) 
As soon as Birds in the Attic was released, with three studio albums under their belt Sulek felt nothing but an extreme desire to take everything they had learned over their six years as a band and produce something new that was truly beautiful, meaningful, interesting, and powerful.  So they set to work right away, this time setting up their studio in a chapel, and once again teaming up with producer Justin Heron began working on what would become Unbound at Last, the grand climax of Sulek’s career to date.  Patrick spent hours upon hours writing rich arrangements including cello, violin, piano, organ, choir, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, and bass.  Chris and Ruthie tuned into their inner poets as they wrote lyrics about breaking free.